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Source List in SAP MM

A source list determines which supply sources is possible for a material over a certain period of time and certain plant. In system we call a source list record.

Learn more about Source List in SAP MM

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Download: Document Splitting in SAP New GL Document

Get to understand new function in SAP as known: Document Splitting in SAP New GL.

Download: Document Splitting in SAP New GL Document

Document splitting Definition

Document splitting enables a complex display of documents. Line items are split here for selected dimensions. This ensures that you can draw up complete financial statements for the selected dimensions at any time.

Using the document splitting procedure, you can also create a segmented display of a (partial) balance sheet according to a legal requirement (for example, IAS) or according to areas of responsibility.

In addition, you can allocate at the time of posting additional costs (such as realized or valuated exchange rate differences) to the CO account assignment objects that incurred the costs. Assets can also be subsequently capitalized at the time of posting.
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SD Certification Material Download

Here is the complete set of materials for preparing yourself to take SD certification exam. Enjoy!

Download: SAP SD Certification Material Download
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SAP BAPI Guide Documentation

Here is the useful document about SAP BAPI. It talks about, concept, benefits of BAPI and more.

Download: SAP BAPI Guide Documentation
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SAP FICO Certification and Answers Set

This is complete list of SAP FICO Certification an Answers document. It includes set of 1-16 pdf file to be helpful to preparing yourself.

Download: SAP FICO Certification Questions Answers Set
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